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Your Feelings Are Valid Oracle Deck

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Introducing the "Your Feelings Are Valid" Oracle Deck – a transformative set of 48 cards designed to be your emotional compass, guiding you through the intricate landscape of feelings we all experience. This beautifully crafted affirmation card deck illustrates a spectrum of emotions, offering insights into the depths of human experience, from joy and gratitude to moments of reflection and the need to slow down.

Key Features:

  • 48 Emotionally Evocative Cards: Each card in the "Your Feelings Are Valid" Oracle Deck is a visual and textual representation of a unique emotion, providing a rich tapestry of feelings to explore. From the highs of joy to the complexities of resentment, this deck is a comprehensive tool for navigating the breadth of human emotions.

  • Complete Guide: Your oracle deck comes with a comprehensive guide that delves into the meanings of each card, providing insightful interpretations to deepen your understanding of your emotions. The guide also includes instructions on how to use your new deck and various oracle spreads, offering diverse approaches to gaining clarity and insight.

  • Celestial Box: Every "Your Feelings Are Valid" Oracle Deck is elegantly packaged in a celestial-themed box, ensuring both the safety and aesthetic appeal of your deck. This exquisite packaging is not just storage; it's a reflection of the celestial journey that unfolds as you explore the diverse emotions within.

How to Use: Select a card intuitively or based on a specific emotion you are experiencing. Let the imagery and affirmations guide you through a moment of self-reflection. Use the oracle spreads provided in the guide for more in-depth insights into your feelings and their significance in your life.

The "Your Feelings Are Valid" Oracle Deck is your companion in:

  • Self-discovery
  • Emotional awareness
  • Mindful reflection

Embrace the transformative power of acknowledging and understanding your feelings with this beautifully curated oracle deck. Whether you're seeking clarity or simply exploring the rich tapestry of emotions, let each card be a reminder that your feelings are valid and worthy of acknowledgment. Dive into the celestial realm of emotions and discover the wisdom that lies within.