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Radical Buttons

Sex Work Is Work

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Make a bold statement with the "Sex work is work" sticker – a powerful declaration of solidarity and recognition. Measuring approximately 3.5” by 1.75”, this sticker is crafted on glossy paper and laminated for durability. Its water-resistant design ensures longevity, making it ideal for indoor use on notebooks, laptops, shelves, and more.

This sticker is not just a piece of adhesive – it's a symbol of advocacy, supporting the rights and dignity of sex workers. By proudly displaying the message "Sex work is work," you contribute to raising awareness and challenging stigma.

Show your support for inclusivity, respect, and recognizing the labor rights of all individuals with this impactful sticker. Note that while it boldly adheres to surfaces, it's not dishwasher safe – a reminder that advocacy, like the message it carries, requires care and consideration.