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Canna Style

Rise n Grind Grinder

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Introducing the Rise n Grind Grinder – the perfect companion for those who love to wake and bake in style!

Designed with the wake-and-bake connoisseur in mind, this custom grinder features a unique Sun & Cloud print that's sure to brighten your mornings. Crafted from gold aluminum, it's as sleek as it is functional.

Measuring 2.5" in diameter, this grinder is compact yet powerful, making it perfect for on-the-go use or cozy mornings at home. But what truly sets this grinder apart is its multi-layer design:

  • The first layer boasts a top safety magnetic closure, ensuring that your herbs stay securely in place.
  • The second layer features sharp grinder teeth for effortless grinding, ensuring a smooth and consistent grind every time.
  • The third layer houses a stainless steel mesh screen that filters very fine pollen into the bottom catcher, preserving the purity of your herbs.
  • And finally, the fourth layer is a pollen/keif catcher complete with a plastic spatula for easy retrieval.

But remember, while the Rise n Grind Grinder is built to last, the outside print is not waterproof, so be sure to avoid getting it wet to preserve its vibrant design.

So whether you're starting your day with a wake-and-bake session or winding down with an evening smoke, the Rise n Grind Grinder is here to elevate your experience. Get yours today and rise to new heights of enjoyment! ☀️🌿