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Mystic Mushrooms Hat

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Step into a realm of mysticism with our Mystic Mushroom Hat, a lavender bucket hat that transcends ordinary fashion. This unique accessory is adorned with a trippy mushroom and eye design, creating a mesmerizing pattern that captures attention and adds a psychedelic touch to your style.

The soothing lavender color of the hat brings a sense of serenity, while the intricate pattern invites curiosity and wonder. Designed for both style and sun protection, this lightweight bucket hat shields you from ultraviolet rays, making it a practical and fashionable choice for any outdoor adventure.

Available in a medium/large size, the hat measures 58 cm and is crafted from durable polyester. Whether you're exploring nature or simply expressing your eclectic taste, the Mystic Mushroom Hat is a versatile and eye-catching addition to your accessory collection. Unleash your inner mystic with this enchanting hat.