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Loveli Atelier

Moonlight Crystal Mini Tarot Deck

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Introducing the Moonlight Crystal Mini Tarot Deck – a captivating addition to your divination journey. This deck, featuring the Major and Minor Arcana, is a travel-friendly companion for tarot enthusiasts and novices alike.

This 1st edition, known for its enchanting Midnight Crystal Major Arcana deck, now unveils the full set of 78 cards in a miniature size. The deck comes packaged in a box with dimensions approximately 2.2" W x 3" L x 1" H – compact and perfect for on-the-go readings.

Please note that this 1st edition has a minor misprint on The Fool card (see photos), adding a unique touch to each deck. Each card, measuring around 1.2" W x 2.5" L, is accompanied by a mini booklet that highlights keywords related to each card in both upright and reverse positions.