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Mini Sweetheart Water Pipe

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Introducing our labor of love- the sweetheart mini bong 2.0!

Just like the Sweet Heart you know and love, only this time with some maj improvements!

Inspired by the popularity of the heart bongs, we wanted to create our own smaller version at a more accessible price. We were intrigued by the idea and the convenience that a smaller bong offers- you can easily store it in your home and it's way more portable than her older sister.

This piece has been in development for forever and we're finally so thrilled to bring her to you! She's gorg on her own on display or in use.

Made of thick borosilicate glass. 6.5" tall. Made entirely of pink colored glass. Comes with a 14mm heart bowl. Downstem has an inline perc. Neck has an ice catcher!

Cutest bong on the net!

For tobacco use only.