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The Peach Fuzz

High Horse Tie-Dye Lighter

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Saddle up your style with our High Horse Lighter, the ultimate accessory for those who appreciate a touch of Kacey Musgraves charm! This refillable lighter is not just a flame, it's a statement piece that exudes personality and a love for sustainability.

Crafted with love and a dash of humor, this lighter is emblazoned with the message "Kacey Musgraves please notice me." It's not just a flame—it's your personal anthem, a declaration of fandom, and a nod to the queen of country-pop herself.

Embrace eco-conscious living by refilling this lighter with standard lighter fluid. No more disposable lighters creating unnecessary waste—this lighter is a sustainable choice that aligns with Kacey's free-spirited ethos. Please note that the lighter will come empty and will require filling with lighter fluid before use.

Designed for the rebels, the dreamers, and the Kacey Musgraves enthusiasts, this lighter is a conversation starter, a mood lifter, and a daily reminder to stay high on life. The design is one-sided, but its impact is felt in every spark.

Disclaimer: These lighters are NOT ZlPP0 brand and are not affiliated in any way. They're a unique creation for those who appreciate a bit of country flair and want to light up their world with Kacey-inspired style.