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Zen Den Crystal Candles

Geode Heart Crystal Candle

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Ignite the flame of love with our Geode Heart Candle—an extraordinary expression of affection and an ideal gift for special occasions! Crafted with inspiration from the captivating formations found in crystal geodes, these candles are molded from genuine A-Grade Crystal Druze, radiating an aura of energy that attracts positive life forces, promoting balance and flow.

Each candle is a testament to the intricate details of nature, enhanced by gradated color depth and twinkles of iridescent shimmer. Measuring at 4.25" x 3.75" x 2" and weighing approximately 9 ounces, this heart-shaped candle is adorned with a single wicked, 100% organic cotton wick for a clean burn.

Handmade with love, our Geode Heart Candle is not only a vegan and ethically sourced creation but also a charming addition to any space. While it may not be dripless, the occasional drips add a touch of fun, beauty, and appeal to this unique piece. Illuminate your surroundings with the warmth of love and positive energy encapsulated in our Geode Heart Candle.