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Unicorn Snot

Eyelighter Eyeshadow - Go-Go

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Lids, be lit. Unicorn Snot® eyelighter™ is a playable, buildable liquid eyeshadow that directs light to say my eyes are up here, thankyouverymuch. Playable and buildable, our shadow, or should we say ‘lighter, is for the eyes of the limelight diva and the confident wallflower. Eyelighter™ comes in 5 shimmery shades - pop, vogue, slide, bounce, and go-go. Layer on for a show-stopping glow or mix + match for maximum drama. Our versatile liquid eyeshadow puts you in charge - it’s your world after all, we’re just livin’ in it. - Longwearing - Buildable - Cruelty free - Safe for eyes - Paraben-free - Fragrance-free