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Dazey Cones

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We finally made our own cones! Still the same high quality, natural dye cones you know n love but this time cuter and in more sustainable packaging! Each pack contains 9 cones in a crush-safe box. The box also includes a packing tool. Cones come pre-rolled. This set only includes the cones in the product listing. This print is so graphic and feminine- daisies! Black daisies adorn a purple ground with the sweetest pink tips. Designed in-house and only available at Burning Love :) These cones are super smooth and slow burning. For tobacco use only. More about how this product is made: the paper in the cones are made from a slow burning natural palm pulp or hemp rolling paper. The printing pigment is derived from edible hempseed, soy oils and natural pigments. They are processed without chemicals and are naturally white. The tip is made with foodsafe non-plastic material. The food grade foil tip remains cool while smoking. These cones have passed California category III testing and are free from contamination. Cones are free from pesticides, resins, heavy metals and biological contaminants. Enjoy!